Saturday, February 8, 2014

Starting My Dissertation Study - YAY! - Call for Participants :)

I am proud to announce that I am beginning my dissertation research! I am looking for undergraduates/recent grads to participate in a qualitative study on writing through the classroom and beyond. Do you know a student who used class writing-- no matter how formal or informal-- to springboard to a larger project beyond the class without being required to do so? I would love to talk to them!

Seeking nominations and/or interested parties. 

Please feel free to forward or share this call for participants. Thank you!


Diane Clark said...

Hello there, I must admit it’s a great incentive and an interesting idea for a dissertation topic. I'd be happy to take part in your survey. How can I help you?

Nicole Papaioannou said...

Hello Diane,

Thanks so much for your kind words. If you know students who fit the bill and you'd like to nominate them or know colleagues who might know these types of students, simply sharing my call for participants with them would be a huge help.



Nicole Papaioannou said...

The short link is: