comPOSITION began in October of 2010, originally as a semester-long class project. The blog was inspired by my work as a tutor in university writing centers, my experiences as a new FYW Composition professor, and my nearly life-long role as a student. Simultaneously holding multiple positions in (sometimes) conflicting levels of the academic hierarchy has, I believe, given me a multi-faceted view of Composition theory and practice, but also complicated my stand-points in the major debates regarding pedagogy.

As a result, comPOSITION now exists as a place where teachers, tutors, and students can connect in hopes of improving pedagogical practices, enhancing student experiences, and addressing the debates that take place within the Composition field outside the vacuum of speculative scholarship.

I am always open to guest posts and continued conversation. Email me at npcompositionblog@gmail.com to pitch your ideas!