Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

2011... not just a new year, but a whole new decade. 2000-2010 saw me start and graduate high school, start and graduate college, get a masters degree, and begin a doctoral program. With all those milestones now passed, it's important that I aim to complete new ones. This year, my resolutions are focused mostly around my teaching and learning.
1. Listen more... to my students, to other teachers, to everyone really. You can learn so much from others.
2. Make and use more digital video and audio. I've declaring my passion for digital literacy and new media studies, but I've been staying in the comfort zone of  hyperlinked writing, graphics, and widgets. I've really been slacking when it comes to video and audio, some of the coolest and most unique capabilities that digital writing allows. I want to give podcasts a try, but I've been shying away from it, so 2011 is my year. Also, I'm hoping to get my paws on one of those mini HD cameras. 
3. Try actually doing all of the assignments I assign. Though I'm a student, and I have my own writing, I think it's important that I don't assign any tasks that I wouldn't be willing to do myself and that I understand the process my students go through. 
4. Get FYCchat up and running. Last year, I was thinking about starting a Twitter chat for First Year Writing instructors, but it never happened. This year, on the very first day of 2011, my Twitter pal ReadyWriting mentioned she had been thinking the same, and so, here we go... #FYCchat.  
 5. Continue to create and innovate... both in and out of the classroom. I should be a model for my students, and if that's what I want for them, then I should show them what it looks like.

What are your resolutions?

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Lee Skallerup Bessette, PhD said...

You know, we can totally get invited to the MLA next year because of this...


I am so excited about this!

From ReadyWriting