Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wallwisher: An Awesome Digital Take on the Classroom Bulletin Board

So, I just stumbled upon Wallwisher thanks to Twitter user, TeachaKidd. What a neat program, and it's FREE! Wallwisher is something like Twitter combined with the look of computerized post-its or a digital scrapbook. You can add short messages and include links to audio, videos, and pictures. The text boxes stay where ever you click, so that you can layer them, move them into clusters, and see multiple messages all at the same time, unlike other programs, such as Twitter and Facebook, which push old text down the page and out of the way.

I could see this being a useful tool to enhance class discussion. You could post something like "race" or "gender" and have students to do short free associations. You could create a wall of your students favorite links, books, music, etc. You could even just make small talk. I think there are endless very cool possibilities for this program.

I'm going to give it a test run with my class this week, following TeachaKidd's example and asking my students to share their Halloween costume ideas. If they can figure out how to use it, I will consider using it for bigger and better things, and evaluate whether or not it is something I would consider incorporating regularly in my future courses.

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